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Ambient Coffee Roasters


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This honey processed lot was grown in the mountainous region of Tarrazú, by producers in the charming community of La Esperanza. Our export partner, Ceca, identified 20 smallholder farmers who best represent the coffee in this nano-region of Tarrazú. Premiums are paid to these producers for their picking practices, bringing only the ripest cherries, which is time consuming when compared to strip picking, but is essential to a great coffee. Once picked, the coffees are brought to the Palmichal Micromill, a mill known for processing incredible microlots. Ceca is involved in a number of social projects throughout Costa Rica. For this lot, the project is simple, they pay more money to producers for their commitment to high quality coffee.

When the coffee arrives to the mill, it is first floated to sort out low density cherries, and then depulped, leaving 50% of the mucilage on the parchment. Drying begins on cement patios for 5 days, and then finished in mechanical dryers that don’t exceed 37.5℃. Once dried to 10.5% moisture, the coffees will rest for 2 months before being hulled out of the parchment. Once hulled, Palmichal puts the green coffee through screen, density, and color sorting.

This one is a classic Costa Rica honey profile with notes of Apple and Orange, sweetness of Caramel boldness of Dark Chocolate.

Great for all brew methods!