• Selecting our Beans

    We carefully select our green coffee beans from various companies and experiment with different roasts and brewing methods to ensure that what is in the cup is nothing less than exceptional.

  • Brewing Methods

    We recommend which brew methods are best for our coffee within the description of each of our coffees.

  • About our Roasts

    Look for the roast levels on our website for each coffee. The roast levels are also clearly marked on each bag. We roast weekly in small batches to ensure our coffee is as fresh as possible when you get it.

  • Our Bags

    Our bags have a pocker zipper to reseal as well as a one-way gas valve to allow for degassing of the coffee which is a natural process that occurs after roasting. We are looking to move to more of a biodegradable bag, once our existing stock is gone. Most of the new bag is biodegradable other than valve and zipper. Yes, these bags cost more money but the investment is worth it from an environmental impact perspective. Look for us to be using these new bags soon!

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